Willo Industries

Jul 7, 2017

The exhibition and display were a huge success for Willo and we thought now we may have time to stop and breathe and see where this goes. Not to be!

We had so much interest from artists from around Australia who wanted to support Will and create their artworks on a bat the momentum simply continued. In particular from Western Australia.

Trudi Nell painted a bat for us when Will was just starting out. She sent an email to ask if she could now share the project with her arty friends from WA. Of course we said yes and offered to send her a few bats? She came back with “I’ll need about 20 to start with ..?”

From that conversation it grew and grew to approximately 50. They gathered and talked and spoke about Will and the referrals continued. To a point where we could not keep up with the demand. So Trudi in her wisdom with friends including Roger Bayzand contacted the local mens shed to sand bats they found from cricket clubs and recycling centres to get by until we could get more to them. A community was growing.

Trudi began sending the bats home to us and daily we were collecting and sharing with our community. One after another arrived and each brought the same response … incredible and talented artists these people must be. – The overwhelming part of all of this was the support and desire to help Will. People we did not know, people who had no contact with disability and people who had very busy lives.

I had come to understand that we all have a need to be apart of something. To be apart of a cause that will make a difference and create positive change.

All of the artists from Western Australia and across Australia had help create Willo Industries.  Through their generosity and kindness we had created a following and enough resources to actualise a business that would employ other people with disabilities with carers.

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