Mar 8, 2019

We have driven close to 7000km’s with 60 hours in the car to reach Warooka in the Southern Yorke Peninsula.
We have shared many hours of planning, developed friendships and connected with a community that has overwhelmed us with generosity. The Exhibition, the relationship with Leisure Options and the community involvement has now become our model.
It will be shared with future communities as the benchmark.
Congratulations Southern Yorke Peninsula.
You are and have an amazing. It has been such a privileged to be invited into your community. Our deep heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your support, care and generosity.  Our aim of partnering with a disability service provider was achieved.
It was the right choice from the start and I knew the moment I met Tanya and the crew from YP Leisure Options.
They exceeded in their role of refurbishing the bats for you all and I am so proud of the effort and the grace they displayed. If we did not see the wonderful ability prior to this .. I hope you see it now and pursue the connections with them without hesitation.
What they have to offer your community will become increasingly evident as you get to know them and, the world they live in.
Steph thank you for inviting us, seeing us and pursuing us.  For all you have done to get #warookabatsforwill underway .. thank you. The km’s traveled and the hours spent in the car were worth it and we would do it again in a heartbeat.
You, your family and your generosity have been a lesson in humility, love and commitment. The history of your family in Warooka is incredible and is a testament to the passion you have for your town and region.
Robyn what an absolute gift.  Every time we connected you were patient, happy and organised and you pulled off an exceptional event.
All of this whilst parenting 2 little children, running your own business and managing the Top Shop. Thank you and we add you to our Willo Champions list.
Tanya .. thank you for being the best person to partner with for our kids. They and we are lucky to have someone so committed and caring. They are in great hands and we cannot wait to get moving on the future together with our Willo Hub in Minlaton.

I never imagined a queue into the little gallery. Nor did I imagine our guests spilling out onto the main street of Warooka.
The exhibition looked amazing. The artwork and creativity was beyond words and we are in admiration of the talent. Every artist brought something new and exciting .. for such a small canvas.. it evokes a lot of thought. Holly and Jess you made the night so much more fun as did our wonderful auctioneer.  The shop was the perfect place and our speeches cemented the message and outcomes we have endeavoured to achieve.

To sell close to 40% of the artwork is wonderful and lets hope over the next month all the bats will find their forever homes and more funds raised for the Willo Hub. We have made some wonderful friends and enjoyed immensely our time in Warooka and the SYP.
Thank you so much for all you have done for Willo, young people living with intellectual disabilities across Australia and the awareness around inclusion and choice.

To our artists… it is through your generosity and commitment to our cause we will continue to pursue more of what our children and friends so deserve. You have helped us in so many ways achieve success way beyond our expectations.

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