Our Train needs Graffiti

Aug 4, 2017

Lets just say a friend of a friend suggested we should graffiti the train .. and we know the perfect person!.

I met our artist early Saturday morning … the sun was just peeping over the horizon .. which is when I guess most graffiti “vandals” are making their way home. Hoodie on, boxes of spray paint in hand and one eye scouring his canvas. I knew him and his family and it was no surprise that he was so much more than his train drawings.

I parked myself with the intention of watching and witnessing first hand and for the first time how he would tell Wills story, his brand through graffiti.

Bit by bit he sprayed and stood back and carefully crafted with such care .. WILLO. But it was more than a word. It was wrapped in a ribbon to suggest a gift, it had cracks in the letters to suggest imperfect and it included Wills love of cricket … perfect.

It took a total of 10 hours of non stop spraying and thinking and was completed with our charity Your Angel on the other side of the train .. perfectly finished off with angel wings.

It all became a little too overwhelming at the end of this amazing day … I reflected on Wills journey to this point and here is this magnificent train with his name emblazoned down the side. His very own workshop waiting to roll out his beautiful bats and a studio which will soon welcome tourists and artists and friends.

The sun began to set … Dale began to pack up and with his mum and sister near by we smiled at this day.

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