The Willo Hub

Oct 10, 2018

The Willo Exhibitions have created so much awareness around Will. We truly hope it has also created awareness around the need for more inclusion and acceptance of our children who are living with needs that often go beyond most peoples understanding and tolerance.

We hope that more people see the ability, the beauty and the love that is behind the perceived “disability”.

It has long been our endeavour to cement a legacy in the communities that are painting for Willo. We were never quite sure what that would look like however it always involved creating more choice for more young people through wills business.

As a family who has lived with challenges for the past 22 years we know how difficult it is to find opportunities and pathways for our son. The limitations are greater than the opportunities and choice is the word that is central to our discussions around Will.

Choice is something many of us take for granted. Choice in sports, music, clubs, schools, work. Choice to select friendships and build them and choice to be independent. Will and many like Will are so incredibly tolerant and resilient with the lack of … they accept what is available without judgement or ego. For those of us who live a life that allows us to be independent .. we have so much choice it is barely believable. And yet sometimes it is still not enough.

We have worked hard over the years to open doors and teach our community to welcome diversity through Will. More times than not where there was no door .. we built one. Fortunately for Will .. we know what to do. We are his voice when he cannot find the words and I know we are a voice for many families around Australia who desire the same.. that our children will lead a passionate, happy and fulfilling life.

We have now reached an incredible milestone in the life of Willo Industries.

Not only has Will created his own business but he is now creating the choice for more young people living with special needs to come on board. Money that was raised from our Exhibition with the artists from the Timbermill Studios will go towards an Incubator Program with The Flagstaff Group in Wollongong, Australia. The Program will assist start ups like Willo Industries and offer mentoring, training and work experience which will eventually lead to finding a choice in a job.

Through Willo Industries and The Flagstaff Group we hope to empower more young people through the Willo Hub, to know they are genuinely included and welcomed into their communities and they are valuable, constructive community members who can and will make a difference.

We all need to find our place and our sense of belonging. Our children are no different.


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