Simon Bouda and ACA

Dec 15, 2020

We have been sharing Wills Last Over at cricket on Saturdays because its such a beautiful moment of mate ship and inclusion. Its been happening with our clubs Bowral and Robertson for many years and we all look forward to seeing the game end in such a positive way. But one day it was shared by Ralph from the Stay Kind Foundation with Simon from A Current Affair. Little did we realise how this connection would unfold for us and the tens of thousands of people across the world who would see this story.

Simon immersed himself into our life for 2 days with his crew of Ollie and Dave. They were committed to filming without doctoring or adding any layers or elements that were not real or authentic. I feel from the start they knew that if they simply allowed Will to be himself a magnificent story would come to life. I think Will also knew this was a moment to show the world what he was capable of and how simply by being himself .. people would see his affect on life and community. The moments that we witnessed of friendship with Ben, the craftsmanship displayed by Will and the banter with Simon in the car … “bloody kiwis” and the love on the cricket field. It moved me and I know Wills abilities only too well.

Simon captured something so special. He saw Will and knew how important our message of inclusion would be to an audience that needs to be reminded of the incredible joy of cultivating relationships with all people. It was shared over 550 times, viewed close to 90,000 times and liked almost 1000 times. It was talked about by Ben Fordham on 2GB and uploaded onto their website and many said it was the best ACA story in 20 years.


Perhaps we needed to be reminded of our ability to be compassionate. Perhaps we saw Will in each of us.. vulnerable, fearless, unashamedly ourselves and wanting true belonging. Perhaps we were reminded of how we would like to live.. to be in a community that cares, is kind and accepts.  If it created a sense of purpose to be more accepting of all people. To strengthen our capacity as human beings. To have a shared vision that is embraced by all of community .. then this story has more than exceeded expectations.

Thanks Simon, Ben, Robertson Burrawang 3rds, Will and our community for being the change. #iknowwill