Willo Bats Collection

Adele Chapman-Burgess

Sold Out Alexandra Strong – My Road

Sold Out Anita Parker – Cherries

Sold Out Anita Parker’s Cherries on the Bat

Sold Out Annarine Chapman

Annarine Chapman

Anne Maree Pelusey

Sold Out Aria Vlamaki – Underwater

Sold Out Auguste Blackman

Sold Out Auguste Blackman – Enchanted Garden

Barbara O’Brien

Sold Out Barbara Swadling

Beau Motlop

Beau Motlop 2

Sold Out Becky Guggisberg – Dreadlock Holiday

Sold Out Belinda Brooks – Seams

Belinda Rogers

Sold Out Belinda Williams’ Bats in the Belfry

Ben Aitken

Sold Out Ben Quilty & Jimmy Barnes’ Collaboration

Sold Out Betty McLean Pilbara View

Sold Out Blackman Family

Sold Out Brigita Hammell – Adventurous Soul

Sold Out Carla Jackett – Out for 17 Ducks

Carlos Barrios’ Willow for Willo

Sold Out Carole Elliot Bowled Over

Carole Elliot Deep Blue

Sold Out Carole Elliot Tailender

Sold Out Carole Elliot The Trundler

Sold Out Carole Elliot Turtle

Sold Out Carole Elliott The Flipper

Sold Out Celestine Dyson

Sold Out Cheryl Howlett – Slim, the salty blue healer

Christine Farrell

Christine LeFaucher

Christine Rosario

Sold Out Christine Wiaczek – Dream Garden

Sold Out Christine Wiaczek Esperanza

Christine Wiaczek Red Centre Heart

Sold Out Christopher Lees’ Hierarchy

Sold Out Colin Montefiore

Sold Out Corinne Dany – The Don

Sold Out Corinne Hall’s The Masked Mind

Sold Out Daisy Claridge’s Sugar Glider

Sold Out Dale Dee

Sold Out Daly D’s A New Day

Sold Out Daly D’s Aiming High

Sold Out Dan Truscott’s Willo’s Wicket Bat

Sold Out Dave Thomas’ The 1877 Ashes

Sold Out David Conlin

Sold Out David Remm’s Merv Hughes

Sold Out David Remm’s The Upside Down Man

Sold Out Deb Devaal – The Vine of the Passion Flower

Dee Meg

Sold Out Di Crisp – Indigo Blue Ocean

Sold Out Fiona Groom Caught Ya

Fiona Groom Lady Bug Parade

Fiona Groom Lollypop & Candy

Sold Out Fiona Groom’s Stickybeaks

Sold Out Garry Crook – Batfish

Sold Out Geoff Harvey

Sold Out Georgie Chevalier College The SCG

Sold Out Gilly Huber

Sold Out Gitte Backhausen A sense of belonging

Sold Out Heather Bayzand

Sold Out Hela Dovela – Raw

Helen Thompson The Journey

Sold Out James Claydon

Sold Out James King’s Gift of the Gab

Sold Out Jamie Cole – Nuts about Cricket

Janey Emery Dancing Bushbabies

Sold Out Janey Emery Eucalyptus Trees

Sold Out Janine Coddington – The Willow Tree

Sold Out Jeremy Kible

Sold Out Jessica Fesic

Sold Out Jo White

Sold Out John Earle’s Bar Beach

Sold Out John Howard & Fiona Groom The PM’s X1

Sold Out John Murray Willywagtails

John Murray’s Bird

Sold Out John Murray’s Bird on a Duck

Sold Out John Murray’s Landscape

Sold Out John Murray’s Mum

Sold Out John Murray’s Sitting on a Duck

John Williamson’s

Sold Out Jordan Roser’s Summer Days

Sold Out Josh Walters

Sold Out Joy Briggs – Free Flow

Sold Out Jud House

Sold Out Julia Zemiro – RocKwiz

Julie Cubbage

Sold Out Julie Lorraine Silvester Indian Ocean

Karen Petrovski Flamingo’s

Sold Out Kathy Karas – The Maidens

Sold Out Kaye Turnbull – Whose Bat

Sold Out Kerry Bruce – Hit into the Garden

Sold Out Kerry Candarakis – Backyard Cricket Kiama

Kerry Reverzani Eiffel Tower

Kiata Mason

Sold Out Kim Noelle – Will you be Mine

Sold Out Kristy Lyn Osseweyer Bargo Fires October 2013

Kristy Lyn Osseweyer Fire Truck

Sold Out Laura Morris – The Weavers Garden

Lesley Byfield

Sold Out Lexi Farland – Floral

Sold Out Lia Browne’s Jungle Chicks

Linda Ruby Mad Hatters Tea Party

Sold Out Lisa Barry – Mandala

Sold Out Lori Nash – The Cricketer

Sold Out Louise Williams – Under the weight of my thoughts

Sold Out Lynette Maisey – Cape Naturalist Lighthouse

Sold Out Magdalena Pillai – Unity

Maggie Ramon

Marc Freeman

Sold Out Marc Freeman Silver

Sold Out Maree Jolleau’s Eucalyptus Leaves

Margie Langtip

Sold Out Maria Meneghini

Marilyn Boast’s Surfing

Sold Out Marilyn Hawkes – Sulphur Crested and Red Tails hang out with the Bats

Mark Price

Mark Schaller

Sold Out Mark Svenson – Holy Bat, Batman!

Sold Out Mark Thornton The Don

Sold Out Mary Schepisi

Sold Out Max Horst

Sold Out Max Horst’s Ned Kelly

Sold Out Max Horst’s Ned Kelly Gang

Sold Out Megan Seres – Miss Wickywhimsy

Sold Out Melinda Egan

Merrick Brettell

Merrick Brettell White

Sold Out Michael Jones’ The Launcher

Sold Out Michael Jones’ Tomo

Sold Out Michael Peck

Sold Out Michael Tickers – Connected

Sold Out Michael Tikkeros – All Hands on Deck

Sold Out Michele Scott

Sold Out Michelle Hearle Smith

Michelle Hearle Smith

Sold Out Michelle Pike – The Long and Short of it

Sold Out Mikayla Stott – Pre-historic Garden

Sold Out Mikey Freedom

Sold Out Naomi Gates – Harbour Reflections

Sold Out Neil Mattila – Norse Dragon

Nicky Bidju Pryor – Serpent

Sold Out Nicole Grimm Hewitt – Beach Days

Sold Out Nunn Paterson

Ofra Cina

Sold Out Ofra Cina’s Chain Reaction

Sold Out Olivia Deans – Coastal Living

Sold Out Olivia Gates – All That You Are

Sold Out Oxley College 1

Pam Gleisinger

Sold Out Penny Sadubin – Kiama Willow Pattern

Sold Out Peter Mortimore – Mad Dogs and Englishmen…

Peter Westwood

Sold Out Pimpisa Tinpalit

Sold Out Rayma Reany

Sold Out Rebecca Rose Adlington – David Boon Portrait

Sold Out Renne Kararetsos – The Willo Tree

Sold Out Rhonda Murray – Minnamurra

Sold Out Robert Doble

Sold Out Robert Hague

Sold Out Robyn Sharp – Flick of the Wrist

Sold Out Roger Bayzand’s

Sold Out Roger McAuliffe’s Batman

Sold Out Rohin Kickett

Sold Out Rohin Kickett

Sold Out Ronn Johnstone

Sold Out Ros Blackburn Red Tai Cockatoo

Sold Out Sally Edmonds

Sold Out Samantha Stralendorff – Squid

Sandra Bishop Rottnest Island

Sandra Messner

Shamus Clayton

Shelley Nunn Higham’s

Sold Out Simon Wilde’s Space Junk


Sold Out St Thomas Aquinas Bowral

Stephanie Boyle

Steve Asquith

Sold Out Steve Cox

Steven Eastaugh

Sue Noakes

Susanne Moore

Suzi Logue

Sold Out Sydney Roosters – The Year of the Roosters

Sold Out Sydney Swans – Unfinished Business

Sold Out Tic Tac’s Tiwi Island Art

Sold Out Tim Rushby Smith – Cabbage Palm

Tom Vincent

Sold Out Trina Stott – Boho Bat

Sold Out Trish Williams

Sold Out Trudi Nell’s West Australian Seascape/Australian Native Flowers

Sold Out Val Brooks Slice of Rottnest

Sold Out Vanessa Harrington – New Beginnings

Sold Out Viki Murray’s Perched for the Match

Sold Out Wayne Herring

Sold Out Wayne Setter’s Hillaroo

Wendy Rix

Wendy Rix Tread Lightly

Sold Out Western Bulldogs – They Bloody Well Did!

Zion Levy Stewart

Zoe Butler

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