SBS Small Business Secrets and Willo

Aug 4, 2017

An interesting phone call came through this particular day  … “hi Ange .. this is ?  from SBS Small Biz Secrets .. its a show about interesting businesses and what they can share. We’d love to share Wills story”.

It was no longer a feel good story about a young man living with disabilities and his love of cricket .. it had grown into a story about a young man living with disabilities and how he runs a business.

SBS had seen Wills story on the ABC and asked if it was at the business stage.

We met at the Bradman Museum and talked through the business model. The more I talked the more I realised just how far we had come in such a short period of time. So much had happened that we simply responded to based on the momentum that was building. I tried to tell this story but so much just fell into .. another thing, another major moment, another wow. Because it has been … but the story for now is about a business.

We moved across to the train and began filming Willo who diligently and calmly worked the camera. We watched him and smiled … another chapter in his life was unfolding and it was ok.

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