Robertson Community Garden

Nov 3, 2020

The Robertson Community Garden project was first tabled as a result of our Charity work in Robertson in 2019. An exhibition which helped create awareness around disability, inclusion and community.The Charity aims to engage communities across Australia to understand intellectual disability and to encourage new programs that create more choice for learning, mentoring, connectedness and pathways to belonging.  It aims to create more awareness around inclusion that benefits the whole community. The Robertson Community determined that a community garden would be the ideal program to fulfil the Charities mission. The Community Garden is ultimately targeted toward all people in our community who are happy to come together in an environment that is free from any prejudice.

The Garden will provide a space for interaction for all residents, facilitating a sharing of knowledge and strengthening community cohesion as well as acknowledging the physical and mental health benefits associated with such a project.  To be an inclusive community that intentionally involves and supports people living with diversity, intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities. To offer training, mentoring and skill development opportunities to all members To be kind compassionate and a place of belonging for all.