Dec 3, 2018

Resilience has been a big part of Will’s life. Without it, I am sure we would have taken a much different path.

The ability to keep rising and to see options and seek answers are all part of our story. Many will see our life and see a family that is enjoying the end result of this pathway however, the joy and happy times go hand in hand with sacrifice, loss and sadness.

To read Wills story is to see a young man that has never given up and has never been deterred by opinion, judgment or doors that closed. That is the beauty of Will. He is relentless in his pursuit of happiness and purpose.

Along the way we have been touched by people who have shown that same level of resilience and determination. We are drawn to them and hang on every word of their story.

Lorelei is one such story of resilience that has inspired us and reminded us that its not about what happens to you .. its about how you do it that matters. When you decide to step into life and whatever it throws at you the results can take you in a direction that you never imagined possible. It shows us sometimes what we are capable of when we least thought possible. It reminds us in times of stress or sadness of difficulty to take care of ourselves and decide there is always an answer and a door to open.

Lorelei lives with FSGS a rare kidney disorder and she recently needed a kidney transplant. She is only 9 years old and has spent a great deal of her life in hospital and staying at Ronald Mcdonald House in Sydney. Her family have such a wonderful sense of compassion and love and humour. We learn and we open our hearts more because of people like Lorelei and her family and we learn to be more grateful more caring and more compassionate because of the vulnerability we see and share.

Resilience comes in many forms and the moment we allow ourselves to feel whatever it is we feel .. we grow and we become more open more loving and more compassionate.


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