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Marko Marino

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Marko grew up in Boulder, Colorado and was exposed to city life in the Denver Metro area. Natural artists tend to be observers of people and conditions of life. In his early years he drew many depictions of animals, people, and events that piqued his artistic interests. As a young adult, Mark juggled family responsibilities with his desire to create. It was not until in his mid-40’s that he was able to begin focusing on his artistic passion. In 2000 Mark disengaged from the working world to travel to Canada and Alaska and embark upon his life as an artist while continuing to work in the tech field of drafting and design. In 2007 he embarked on a project to produce an exhibit of work to portray the lives of the city street people of Denver. He produced many poignant and passionate sketches and portraits of these marginalized people. Since then he has studied with other notable artists and advanced his skill level. Now he is putting the pieces together to create a strong body of contemporary realism and impressionism works. Now he is engaged in full time pursuit of his goals to leave a legacy of great artwork to the world.