Wendy Rix

My family are Yuwaalaraay mob from north west New South Wales, Australia, from a little town called Goodooga. My maternal side is indigenous, and my dad�s side is white Australian country folk!

Growing up my family didn’t delve much into history or the way things were, they just got on with life in the best manner they knew how. My grandmother worked in the general store, and cleaned, when I was a child, and my grandfather had a shearing team. Yuwaalaraay language was not spoken, apart from words, not sentences. What was passed down was stories of family, of spiritual occurrences, and the few words we picked up. So I have no dreamtime story knowledge from my grandparents.

My grandmothers brother is an artist, and Uncle Vic is a re-knowned ceramist, and now etcher. He has passed down some stories that he was told and has in a book. I prefer to paint in contemporary style, about experiences and circumstances relevant to today, although the themes can translate across ages, cultures and time. I like to paint storied, yours and mine, and I hope to connect with you via those stories. I also paint in response to music, the colours around me and the conversations I hear. What I feel, I paint, but that may not be what you see…and that is perfect! I have sold paintings all over the world, and nothing pleases me more than seeing my art hanging on a wall in its forever home, and being much loved by its new owner. My paintings have been purchased by domestic and international buyers, and can be found in Abu Dhabi, USA, Canada, NZ, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, UK, as well as around Australia. I have dabbled in fabric and clothing design, however found the process exhausting and too expensive! Instead I have my designs used by Lifewear, Faebella and Design. I have small jewellery pieces – small wooden crosses on leather necklaces, and hand carved timber wedges/pendant on a leather necklace. My father also cuts crosses of other sizes for me for wall hanging purposes etc. In the last year I have been working in schools and with a PCYC with art workshops, and have travelled to Canberra and Cloncurry to do so! Also working with teachers and private workshops are fun!!! Latest workshop development is my selection to be a part of the Flying Arts Alliance touring team for 2017.

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