Val Brooks Slice of Rottnest

Born in the UK, I emigrated to Western Australia in 1981. Immediately I was struck by the quality of light and the amazing colours of the Australian landscape. I have always lived close to the coast and been drawn to the movement and colours of the ocean. For many years a ceramicist, I began painting my pots and platters with bright images on a white background, and pastels on paper became a natural progression. Since 1999 I have been focussing mainly on land and seascapes, and in 2006 began exploring the use of oils. I have studied pastel and oil painting with Brian Simmonds at Tresillian Centre and attended his courses at UWA extension school. I’m currently a member of the Pastel Society and the West Australian Society of Art, and I’m available to conduct workshops, demonstrations and adult classes. My subject matter is mostly Australian, but overseas trips have provided fresh inspiration.

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