Kerry Reverzani Eiffel Tower

Kerry Reverzani is a multifaceted Western Australian artist who produces art across genres using different mediums. Her mixed media abstract paintings are tactile and draw the viewer in with the urge to touch the art. She uses a variety of materials including organic matter to build layers on the canvas to create a three dimensional effect. She has been working on this style for three decades.
During a recent sojourn in Paris Kerry attended French artist Pauline Fraisse’s studio to study the use of watercolour in the impressionism style of negative painting. She has created an illustrated travel journal of Parisian landmarks and continues to produce watercolour paintings from her travels in Europe, Asia and Australia.
Kerry was born in Perth in 1960, a descendant of the pioneering Armstrong family. Her paternal grandmother Elizabeth Granger, an accomplished artist, was an early influence. Kerry is well travelled and is inspired equally by the beauty of nature and the energy of large cities. Kerry has training in technical drawing and is self-taught in art history and other aspects of art. She has navigated through several stages in her pursuit of the arts, including being commissioned by an interior designer to supply abstract art for his clients.
Kerry exhibits with the Wanneroo Joondalup Art Society and is currently focusing fulltime on her art.

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