Janey Emery

Born in Narrogin, Western Australia, Janey Emery’s interest in art began as early as 2 years of age and led to art becoming the central element in Janey’s Childhood. Excelling in art throughout her school years Janey devoted herself to the art course provided by Balcatta Senior High school, where her passion for art only intensified. Janeys paintings are moments captured on canvas ,her figurative painting portray an emotional essence of beauty and innocence ,she strives to resinate with the affections of the viewers with her work ,whether it be the tranquil environment of our southwest forest or the edgy attitude of a teenager leaning against a graffiti wall she shares her creative visions with love . Janey has been painting fulltime since 1991 and has attained a high degree of respect in the art world from peers and art lovers alike. Janey has won numerous distinguished artistic awards for her work and has sold many paintings throughout Australia and overseas. Janey Emery is achieving the recognition her distinctive artistic talents deserve.

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