Corinne Dany

I live in the beautiful Southern Highlands, not far from Sydney, Australia and after a 14 year career as a family portrait photographer and Graphic Designer, I have hit the 40s and have decided it’s time to expand my artistic wings and see where my painting and drawing take me. When I was a little girl, my beautiful French mum was not well versed in the English language and found reading to me at bedtime a bit tricky in her thick accent. Instead, my maman used to draw the stories on a little chalk board or pad of paper. She also painted for me a large mural of Pierrot sitting on the moon that shone on me every night in my bedroom. I trailed along with her to art classes from an early age and she has been my admirer and critic, supporting me and challenging me every step of the way. I think mum’s early drawing stories inspired my fondness to do the same for others.

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