Geoff Harvey

Geoff Harvey was the Music Director of Channel 9 for 38 years. During this time he composed many of the network’s theme songs, and was responsible for most of its live music on shows such as The Don Lane Show, the Midday Show, and The Tonight Show.Harvey was born in London in 1935. A musically precocious child, he began playing organ at his local church at the age of eight, and was soon playing in Westminster Cathedral at the age of fourteen. After completing school and national service he began playing in jazz clubs in England and on the continent. The record company EMI enticed him to come to Australia in 1960.The assignment was only meant to last twelve months, but Harvey decided to remain in Australia, soon gaining employment in television. His first job was in 1961 on Bob Rogers’s Tonight Show on TCN-9. He was then appointed the Musical Director for Dave Allen, and went on to work on most of Australia’s live entertainment shows, including Bandstand, The Sound of Music, and The Don Lane Show.One of his most successful appointments was as the Musical Director of The Midday Show, a position he held for 22 years.

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