Viki Murray

Preferred Medium & Techniques

Digital photography, mixed media including stencil techniques.

Themes or Characteristics

Street scenes and still life based on urban and country themes.

Influences or Philosophy

Viki’s photography has evolved into photo artistry, and her work is merging with street art illustration techniques. A lot of digital scrap booking influences are finding their way into her work. Not one to stick to one theme or style, her imagery can be defined as evocative and insightful, whether working in monochrome and colour photography or mixed media, she captures the essence of her subjects with a lot of feeling. Though influenced by the greats of photography including Ansel Adams and Steve McCurry – contemporary street art and music are huge inspirations and influences, particularly young emerging Australian songwriters.

Exhibition Highlights

Living on the Edge – Collaboration with John Murray -Park Royal Canberra 1992
Aquatica Exotica – John Murray Art Gallery 1995
A Bloody Big Beach – Collaboration with John Murray -John Murray Art Gallery 1996
Just Passing Through – John Murray Art Gallery 2010


Basils Road Trip – 2008
21 Days in Rajasthan – 2009
Just Passing Through – 2010
Snapshots of Lightning Ridge – 2012
Holden On – A Special Tribute to the Classic – 2016 (Collaboration with John Murray)

Collections Held

Viki has a permanent exhibition at John Murray Art gallery and has collaborated with John throughout her photography career. She is co-director of John Murray Art Gallery and is also responsible for photographing all of John’s work for reproduction.

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