Vanessa Murdoch

As an artist working predominantly in kiln formed glass since 1993, I produce work of exhibition standard for galleries, commissions and unique retail outlets. I have a bachelor of Design in Glass and Ceramics from Uni SA. Working from my studio at Warooka, Yorke Peninsula my art references both coastal and rural surroundings. Using a myriad of techniques such as fusing, slumping, casting, engraving and sand blasting, I manipulate the glass, allowing me to play with the fluidity of light, refraction & reflection, expressing notions of place & solace. When thinking about cricket in relation to this opportunity I started thinking about what cricket means to me, there are memories of my Nanna who made me my first cricket bat out of a old shearing shed floor board (if only I was an illustrator) but the overwhelming association is that of heat, the heat of summer, resilience… resilience to learn to practice to overcome in sport and life. The Ashes is synonymous with cricket in Australia, and to get ashes… there must be fire then coals. From the heat of my kiln comes the burning ember of the cricket ball, hit so hard it burns a hole right through the bat. I cast the cricket ball from bulls-eye glass from Portland, Oregon. To make this, I first have to make a refractory mould from plaster and silica then fill the mould with crushed glass and fire it over 18 hrs to 830 degrees then cool it down very slowly over 30 hours – a total of 48 hours. Once cooled and broken from its mould, I then clean it in acid and polish it on a wet belt grinder. Thank you to Willo Cricket Bats, YP Leisure Options and Baker Bros Warooka for bringing this opportunity to fruition.

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