Tiff Webb

I’m a born and bred Warooka girl who has always been interested in drawing and arty projects. It wasn’t until I started Ceramics around 2009 that I found my niche and love for art even more. It was also then that I realised I had an artistic flair and ability to create amazing pieces. From there I have grown from using acrylics to resin, mandala drawings and everything in between. I have a passion for art and it’s become part of my daily ritual. Many hours are spent in my studio which I was privileged enough to build with my Dad. When I was asked to take part in the Warooka Bats for Will, I felt so privileged and honoured, and it was within moments that I became inspired and had decided on two options for this project. The day I picked my bat up, my vision for one of my ideas was made clearer and I knew straight away the design I was going to create. I wanted to be able to use the raw wood as a feature and add enough detail that would bring it together.

I felt the meaning behind a Mandala was fitting for this piece as it represents the universe, circle of life, creativity and a powerful existence. Being able to take part in such a special event that has involved the beautiful people from YP Leisure Options and Willo Industries has been truly rewarding. Involving people who really matter in this world counts!

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