Kathy Tape

SYP has always been home to Kathy. Firstly on the farm at Warooka and then at Coobowie. Although she always loved the idea of art, she finally got serious 20 years ago when a birthday voucher offered her studio time with friends. Starting with acrylics but gently encouraged to pastels and oils, Kathy regularly turns to nature for inspiration. Succulents, rocks and still life in general are her favoured subjects.
Kathy’s Bat for Will:
The crop is bagged, sewn and stored at grain stacks throughout the leg. Its hot, its dry, the horses are watered and fed and its Saturday.
The country men and boys love nothing more than pitting themselves against each other playing cricket.
My grandfather Perce and his brother Walter Hayes feature strongly in the many old black and white photos that gave me inspiration to paint my Bat for Will.
In the 1920’s, teams of cricketers competed in the Country Carnivals in Adelaide under the name of Warooka Cricket Team.
The Gems cricket club was started in the 1930’s comprising of lads who were unable to get a game in other SYP clubs.

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