June Faulkner

June Faulkner is a Fibre Artist who was born and raised on the Yorke Peninsula. Some 30 years later, June returned to the Peninsula and resettled in Stansbury. Fibre has been June’s medium of choice now, for over 30 years, originally only using what nature produced, but over time began adding man-made fibres and embellishments to her work. June enjoys the visual, tactile & versatility of all fibre and recycling & up cycling is of high priority, part of her works ethos. June states “this project is just a great way to give an old bat new life while assisting people in our community. “Having worked with people needing support I thought Warooka Bats for Will what a great idea but what could I do in fibre? Then the connection came. With the respectful use of our beautiful native fibres & recognition of our first Aboriginal Cricket team to tour England just over 100 years ago in 1868, it just melded. Having lived & started my fibre journey whilst living in the Western District of Victoria (where the cricketers came from), I had read about these men & of their great athletic feats. I chose to stitch a sheath to cover the bat with three native fibres – Spinifex, Dianella & Cyperus Gymnocaulas and I used emu feather & a native seed Adenanthera Pavoning to embellish. I have included an information map of the Western District area & a stubby holder produced for the centenary celebrations of the First Australian Cricket team to tour England.

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