Julie Aitchison

Seascape resin artist Julie Aitchison convey the magic and expansiveness of the beach connecting people to that place where you can fully immerse yourself in a place to feel alive again and reconnect. Julie is a Yorke Peninsula based artist originally from Adelaide. Her artworks are inspired by where she lives, the places she has visited and nature. She uses aerial drone photography as inspiration to achieve birds eye perspective and realistic colour palet. Julie has experimented with a range of different mediums. Resin however has become her favourite and principal medium of experimentation and creativity. The medium is fluid in nature and extremely difficult to work with as it constantly moves. Using many layers, the resin creates a depth and echo of the waters ever changing body. Julie aims to create oceanic artworks that captures our imaginations and stills our thoughts. This bat represents a place for solace and peace of mind that is inclusive to all. The oceans energy is vibrant and memorable to everyone that has experienced it. It is thick with salt and moisture coming off the water being carried by the ever-present wind. Like life, it is diverse and ever-changing, it is this that we celebrate. For what would life be like if we were all the same?

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