Greg Mulheran

Greg lives at Bilambil, in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.
He has been drawing and painting since his school days in Brisbane.
Greg works with acrylic paint, watercolour and pen and ink, and uses Lino-cut, Mono-print and Paper Plate Printing. His inspiration is mainly the natural world, especially birds and plant life, but he also illustrates historic buildings. I’ve chosen a theme of “Tree Frogs” for my Willo Bat. The handle of the bat suggested the trunk of a tree to me, so I worked around this and added the reeds and animals, to give it life. I chose tree frogs because they are colourful, but they also have an attitude to life that we could all learn from. They are gentle creatures, with big expressive eyes, and always seem to have a smile on their faces, and I love to hear their calls at night. I enjoy seeing them huddled together for company, and the beautiful ease with which they move.

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