Ella Germein

Ella Germein is an commonly known by her close friends and family as ‘Elfie’ is a South Australian Musician in Indie Pop Band ‘Germein’ , former Television presenter on Network Ten’s ‘Totally Wild’, Video Producer, Photographer and Creative Artist. Ella’s artistic talents were recognised by her teachers at a young age. Her unique style and and use of colour grew over the years leading her win the SABSA Art Award at the 2008 Exhibition for South Australia’s Highest Achievers in Visual Art and Art Practical Subjects. Over the last eight years Ella has kept up her painting alongside her music and media career. Inspired by Nature, Animals and people Ella likes to use a combination of mixed media and rose gold leaf in her works. She believes art has no limits to style, colour and subject which is evident in her works. For the ‘Bat’s for Will’ design I decided to paint one of my most loved subjects, the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo. I have such a love for the these beautiful Australian birds. I wanted the painting to appear like it was flying over the coast of South Australia with the golden leaf resembling the warmth of the sun glimmering off the crystal waters and coastline.

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