Deb Davis

Originally from Queensland Debra now lives an unexpected life with disability in Noarlunga Downs. In May 2018 she decided to nurture her lifelong passion for all things creative and taught herself to paint. She put her first acrylic paint to canvas in July and the playful journey of experimentation was born. Inspired by life and what’s possible she currently works in traditional and fluid art forms. There’s something almost spiritual about the point where the ocean meets the land, it’s a place of connection on many levels. The shoreline is sprinkled with perceived imperfections, yet the overall beauty is mesmerizing. I chose to include and work with the imperfections displayed on my bat which I finally called “Dancing Sunrise”. They lent themselves to the addition of texture and beauty.
To me “Dancing Sunrise” represents the endless possibilities a new day brings. The light shines, and casts shadows, on and around us all, yet we have a chance to work within our abilities to breathe life into the possibilities we chose to embrace regardless of the shadows.
If inclusion can pave the way to new understanding, richness of connection, and adventures in art, which it did for me, then perhaps it’s a metaphor for life?

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