Belinda Eckermann

Belinda Eckermann comes from the rural town of Rainbow in Victoria’s Mallee Region. Her current practice is intrinsically tied to the local environment and raising awareness through her art. In 2013 she completed her Masters in Visual Arts, which began her focus on working collaboratively with snails and moths, using their mark making as medium. Eckermann has exhibited regularly throughout regional Victoria since 2009.
Eckermann heard about Bats for Will when she was organising to undertake an artist residency in Warooka to do further research on snails. Being big on community engagement through the arts and supporting those with disabilities through being both a parent and a teacher, she was enthusiastic to be a part of this project. The design for her bat therefore became a story of persistence and a reflection of Warooka and of her arts practice. Coated in snail eaten tissue paper, this bat depicts the snails climbing and clinging to the wheat stalks. On the flat side it shows a squashed snail, on a typical cherry mark. This is indicative of the frustration farmers feel about the snails and the trials being conducted to try and eradicate this pest.

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