Alice Tilley

An emerging artist, Alice Tilley resides with her young family on a rural property near Kapunda. Alice draws inspiration from her local surroundings and the domestic experiences of daily life to produce predominately landscape and still life oil paintings. Recently reigniting her artistic practice, Alice seeks to appreciate and express the essence and beauty of a place or moment achieved through distinctive use of bold colour and mark making to create shape and form.
With the Yorke Peninsula being surrounded by the sea, the beach is an iconic place for many locals and visitors to the region. As our lives become more demanding and urbanised, a vast sandy beach, with its wide open sky and alluring blue waters offers many the precious chance of escapism. It is the simple sensory pleasure of being in nature with few outside distractions whether alone or with loved ones that is so alluring. However we chose to appreciate the beach, it is one of the few places that is truly accessible to all racial, social and gender groups. And it is not a bad place for cricket either!

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