Alice Potter

South Australian contemporary jeweller Alice Potter has a Bachelor in Graphic Design, a Bachelor in Visual Arts and Applied Design (Jewellery), and First Class Honours in Visual Arts. She has worked as the Production Manager at JamFactory Contempory Craft + Design for seven years, and works from her home studio creating unique precious jewellery works, as well as mixed media artworks that reference fun and colour through wearable and wall art.

“I love creating pieces that have a connection to colour and form, and I have always been inspired by pattern within my work, but there is an element of calm in my Willo Bat. I often will go hell-for-leather at a piece, but i gave this cricket bat sensitivity, restraint and respect. As one of my favourite pieces to date, it says a lot about life, routine, pattern, joy, and hidden in there is how i learned to love cricket – a game that has quiet, steady and long term results’.

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