Adam Meyer

I am from Yorketown, South Australia. I consider myself an amateur photographer that spends a lot of time patrolling the Southern Yorke Peninsula as a Police Officer, taking opportunistic pictures of the environment around us with phone, point and shoot and DSLR cameras. My inspirations are reflections, moods of the environment and differing depths of view.
Steph Ball showed me a damaged bat, difficult to use for painting and spoke about what WIllo and YP leisure were achieving. I saw this as an opportunity to bring brightness and renewal to an unwanted item. The image is a wavelet approaching shore, as the sun approaches the horizon, as a jet approaches its destination, on a cricket bat that approaches a new beginning.
Whilst on Patrol, I delivered some bats donated by locals to the YP Leisure crew and saw the enthusiasm of their interactions with a Police Officer. The Yorke Peninsula has many beautiful locations which I share through the SAPOL Facebook and Instagram pages. I work for an inclusive organisation and am grateful to be allowed to share my passion with others.

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