Tracey Smith

I live on a farm near Rainbow. I have always loved to draw faces. I had a Sara Moon portrait and loved that style. I started painting 4 years ago. I love attending art workshops and watching art programs. Renaissance portraits is where you would find me at the art gallery. I had so many ideas for my bat including giving it back to Belinda! I settled on Iconic Rainbow cricketers. Many more than these guys have contributed to the club and their 3 premiership wins. My husband Roger just loved his cricket. We all tagged along and our 3 girls played with the Nuske, Duyndam and Plumb girls and one little Plumb boy Josh. Neville Nuske is just one of those Rainbow legends and great characters. Mick Clugston carted Roger to cricket in his Jag for years when it was hard to get a game and he was the Rainbow Cricket Club personified. Heath is an extraordinary athlete and nice guy. Leroy stepped in where Mick left off and has been an incredible asset to our Town. RCC is in recess and it would be amazing to see it live again one day.

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