Susan Short

I studied art at RMIT Melbourne. I have worked at the Ouyen Primary School as a teachers aid assisting a student who had disabilities. I then moved to Mildura and worked for Sunraysia Residential services assisting disabled adults with living skills. I have also worked for Community Services Victoria in a similar position with adults, assisting them to live independently. This was with adults who had been moved out of Ararat Institution when it was closed down. I met some beautiful individuals during this time in my life and cherish the memories of assisting them on their life paths. I have always been interested in art, but it wasn’t until I worked with Belinda Eckermann at the Rainbow Secondary College that I began painting again. Since meeting Belinda I have won two art awards and held an exhibition in Mildura. I will always be grateful for her persistence and encouragement or I may never have tried.The bat is made from a tree. The tree symbolism is life and the animals that may utilise it for their existence. Cycle of Life.

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