Sam Clarke

I am a 19 year old mum of two who has lived in the Wimmera for many years. I call it home and could not imagine ever leaving this beautiful place. My mum’s an artist so I’ve been around art my whole life. Mum inspired me to become an artist and pet portraits began my career. I have won many awards and sent art overseas. I also love doing farm sculptures and have won awards with these, including the Wimmera field days. I don’t do much art these days as I am a busy mum who also raises and shows poultry. I pick up a pencil or brush at least once a week. I always find and make time to create art for worthy causes and to help out where I can. I believe in good Karma and paying it forward. Animals are so pure they don’t see themselves as beautiful or better than any other being. They just want to live. When you look into their eyes there’s no hidden agenda.

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