Michael Martin

I am 23 years old and did some of my schooling in Rainbow.  I enjoy drawing and photography.  I love anything animated, especially Disney, Pixar and Warner Brothers.  I wanted to help out with this project as my sister is special needs and we still have a connection with the Rainbow area. The idea for my cricket bat design was to find something that would make people happy.  The reason why I specifically chose Taz from ‘Looney Tunes’ is because while growing up, he was one of my favourite characters to watch on the show and now I still watch it in my spare time.  I spent my first few school years at Rainbow Primary School, before having to move to Warracknabeal because my sister has an intellectual disability and she was going to attend the specialist school there.  We then moved to Swan Hill where I am in a Ten Pin Bowling league along with my sister and lots of other special needs people with ages ranging from as young as 5 or 6, to others that are in their 30’s.  We all enjoy bowling as it is a sport that everyone can do.

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