Mary and Les Graetz

Mary has lived in Rainbow for the last thirty-four years and is originally from Uruguay in South America. She sees art as a way of expressing herself and to keep her mind in a good place. Most of Mary’s art involves upcycling, using many different materials which she uses to make unique works of art. Les began taking photos at the football and netball over ten years ago because there was a need for a photographer at Jeparit Rainbow Football Netball Club. This lead to him being employed on a casual basis by the Rainbow Jeparit Argus. Over the year, he also takes photos of tennis, cricket, swimming, athletics and off road car racing. The challenge of capturing the moment and telling a story is what inspires Les. This bat is a collaboration between Mary and Les Graetz. Mary has used Les’s sports photos the Argus as a base for her decoupage. Community and sport is an important part of Rainbow and the Willo connection.
Love sport and art, our connection with Willo industries and helping disabilities the same time.

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