Linda Newton

Linda Newtion ius a drawer and Illustrator. She usually works on paper finding different ways to draw and illustrate the amazing and inspiring local species, especially the birds. “Line and Form has always intrigued me” Linda says. With exhibitions all over Australian and producing many Illustrated story books, Linda has exhibited with the Castlemaine state festival since 1994.
You can see Linda working in her studio at The Mill, surrounded with her vibrant and bold bird works that evoke colour and energy. You can alsoi admire Linda’s humour, love for coffee, rain and mild sunny days! Linda can be contacted at MA56 studio, The Mill, Castlemaine. The owls on the bat represent wisdom so it’s a wise bat, anyone who picks up the bat gains more wisdom. I am a professional “Batty” artist who enjoys Batting away Pesky flies…so there’s no flies on me. Enjoy the bat, the owls and get wise.

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