Lauren McDonald

I am a 21 year old female art enthusiast. I have enjoyed art throughout all my schooling. I come from a small town just outside Rainbow. I enjoy art because it allows me to express my feelings without being judged. Growing up I was in foster care and then at the age of 4 was put into a permanent care family where I still live today. I struggle through some days but thanks to art and being able to express anger and upset through a meaningful means, I have been able to be here today. I was diagnosed with ADHD and borderline Autism, so mental illness has allowed me to see life in a different perspective. My bat represents the society of today. I believe that people depend on makeup and camouflage to survive because everyone is quick to judge without thinking. That is what’s in my bat; a face made to look like it has makeup, then dispersed into the background which is represented into todays society.

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