Jillian Young

I grew up in Canada on Lake Superior. Nature has always been my therapy and councillor in my life. I consider myself a pretty adaptable person. From the ocean of forests, I grew up in, to the vast open desert I call home now, I find a sense of peace and home whenever I am in nature. I take great comfort in exploring the natural world on a deeper level. I am a practising yoga teacher, a mother and a bit of a wild Artist. Sometimes my painting is slow, sombre and gentle. Other times they are bold and convey a deeper message. I simply see myself as a conduit for spirit to work through me, anchoring in any information I feel necessary at the time. My Mission in life is to spread fun, beauty and joy wherever the path in life takes me. “Transformation of the Heart”. My original design for the cricket bat, wasn’t resonating with me. So, I went away for a weekend and sat out on country and asked spirit what I needed to convey. I feel this strong connection to the land and the original elders. Each night, I sit out and watch the Dark Emu (a dark nebular cloud in which we live under) dance across the sky. The dark Emu is our connection to the earth and stars. It reminds us where we are in this space time and urges us to connect on a deeper level. I have painted the stars in the exact position they appear in relevance to the dark emu in the night sky, so if you can find the southern cross you can find the dark emu. To me the dark emu speaks of our connection to the land, for it is only here under the brightest stars that you can see the darkest shadows in the night sky. It brings about a sense of wonder and awe far beyond what any words can capture. Something so special only experiencing it, does it justice. On the reverse side of my bat I wanted something equally as powerful symbolically. The black symbol on the meat of the bat is called a Chestahedron. The Chestahedron has only just been discovered and it is a transformational symbol. An alchemical symbol. The chestahedron in its 3 diamensional shape is the heart. It is through our heart that we transform our state of being. I truly believe that all of life is alchemy. Taking our lives from a base state and allowing our struggle to shape and transform us into a higher state of being. Struggle and adversity has a negative stigma around it, yet when we go through the motions it dramatically shapes who we are and how we live our life in this world. Lastly, the Splice of the bat (where the handle is connected to the rest of the bat) is symbolic of spirit working through us and to us . Without the handle, the bat would be pretty useless. It is one of the most important parts in a bat, a handle to hold onto so you can play the game. I see this as a metaphor for life. Without hope, Life becomes a pretty difficult game to play. It is spirit that gives us wisdom, hope and a sense of greater renewal. I painted the bat, the colours of the chakras, to represent how spirit, filters down and works through all of our being. The bat is purposely not painted perfectly, because nothing in life is perfect. Perfect is only in our own heads. We make mistakes, this is how we grow, learn and live. This is how we expand beyond the borders of what is acceptable and transform this world. We transform every experience through our hearts, it’s called feeling. This is called the alchemy of life. When we learn to live, and make decisions through our hearts we change this world as we know it.

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