Gayle Newcombe

I live outside of Rainbow working from home in our 80 year old barn. I’ve been an artist for 7 years , taking it up full time 2 years ago. 
I use pastel and charcoal, I find very versatile and suits my style. 
I am inspired by nature , colours and beautiful light. I am a pet and wildlife artist and an avid photographer working form my photos to create my art.  Growing up in Rainbow until I was 5 on the family farm and then attending Rainbow high school I am delighted to be involved in this fundraiser and fantastic idea. Not only am I proud to be involved, I am so proud to showcase one of my original works onto this bat and present it in the exhibition in my home town of Rainbow.  I decided to put working Clydesdales on my bat for the love of the horse and what they represent to me. Gentle giants with a history In Australia that runs deep, just like cricket and this bat. The pure hearts, the forgiving nature’s and friendships.  Just one of the athletes in the horse world, big and strong. I am sure many can relate to the horse and this amazing initiative.  

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