Floss Ampt

I moved to Rainbow in 1968 and have enjoyed living here since. I used to do tap dancing, choir singing, I was part of a singing trio and I also did amateur theatre and light opera. I like to be supportive of great initiatives within the town of Rainbow.
As a young city child with a curious nature and only a small yard to play in, I would spend hours watching the variety of flying insects feeding on the many flowers blossoming in my mother’s crowded “pot plant” garden.
As spring progressed, the butterflies would arrive; they would dance through the air in a colourful crowd, landing on the flowers to feed and displaying their finely etched wings. It was wonderful entertainment for one so young!
Now many, many years later, I still enjoy the spring arrival of the Butterflies. To my mind, these beautiful, colourful creatures are “flying works of art”. I love Butterflies!!!

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