Dianne Martin

I grew up in the Jeparit/Rainbow area, I did my high school years in Rainbow and lived in the area for quite a few years after that.  I wouldn’t say I was an artist by any means, but I enjoy arty things.  I currently enjoy painting rocks to sell and to hide for people to find, hopefully brightening their day.  I also love photography, I love getting out with my camera, it’s good for the soul.  My daughter has an intellectual disability, one of the reasons I wanted to help with this project. I chose the design for my bat purely because that is the style I like at the moment.  I love the bright colours and the simpleness of it.  I spent a lot of years in the Rainbow area and still feel like it is home.  My daughter attended the specialist school at Warracknabeal after we left Rainbow, we moved again before she got to be involved with Woodbine, but I am sure some of her school friends would use it and if this project can help them in any way I am happy to help.

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