Belinda Eckermann

Belinda Eckermann lives and works in Victoria’s Mallee Region. Her current practice is intrinsically tied to her local environment. In 2013 she undertook her Masters in Visual Arts, during which she developed an interest in working with the invasive white snail, commonly encountered in her agricultural community. Her work with the snail shifted her practice toward drawing and a focus on drawing as installation, culminating in her use of the snails as medium. She is currently investigating the native Bardi Grub and Ghost Moth and modes of incorporating their natural behaviours with their environment into her creative practice. Eckermann has exhibited regularly throughout regional Victoria since 2009 and recently won Best Emerging Artist at the Knox Immerse Festival and was also a finalist in the Pro Hart Outback Prize 2019. Previously was shortlisted for the People’s Choice Award at the 2016 Mission to Seafarers exhibition in Melbourne, where she was also awarded the Bendigo Emerging Artists Judge’s Special Commendation. Her bat .. The Rain Moth, much like people living with disabilities, have a history of being treated with fear; fear of not knowing, fear of being different. But if we look closer, we are shown the beauty within. Like the stunningly detailed labyrinth patterns of the Rain Moth and this moth’s innate ability to sense the coming of the rains, people living with disabilities have amazing abilities. Let’s celebrate these abilities and learn from one another.

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