Allira Roberts

I grew up in Jeparit and went to high school in Rainbow. After moving around a bit my husband and I settled in Rainbow in 2008. I love doing a few different crafts but I’ve recently started mixed media. I also love scrapbooking and have been able to combine the two together. I have 3 wonderful kids that keep me very busy. I have muscular dystrophy but I don’t let it define my life. I battle anxiety and depression but doing mixed media really helps that. Aerodynamically Bees aren’t meant to be able to fly, but they don’t know this and do it anyway. Thjis has been a source of inspiration whilst I’ve struggled with my Muscular Dystrophy disability. The three bees in my piece represent myself and my two boys that have congenital myopathy. Although we have these disgnoses we don’t let it stop us from trying new things and doing whatwe love. We are very lucky to live in Rainbow and have lots of support from our community.

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