Ros Blackburn

Since 2004 Roslyn Blackburn has been a regular exhibitor at local Perth and regional art awards and has won a number of prizes and commendations, most notably the 2011 City of Joondalup Community Art Exhibition – “Celebrating Joondalup Award”. She was also a finalist in the 2008 Black Swan Portraiture Prize. Roslyn specialises in the acrylic medium to create fast dappled renditions of bird and animal forms capturing the moment of the quick pose and changes in the light. Her current works merge the abstract with the natural and animal worlds, sometimes in collaboration with human forms to create entertainment for the viewer. For Will cricket bats the combination of energetic brush strokes and the magpies combine so can hear the magpies warbling song She works from a studio at Settlers Cottage Herdsman Lake in Churchlands.

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