Mary Linder

Mary paints as a hobby, she began drawing very young and was encouraged by her Aunt, the water colourist Judy Rossouw, who taught her the proportions of the face on a chalk board. Mary belongs to art groups in Perth and the WA Society of Art, attends meetings and enjoys Plein Air Painting. Water colours and palatte knife painting in oils are some of her favourite things, but she enjoys all sorts of media as well as visiting art exhibitions. She believes that everyone can paint, and that is a matter of seeing, and spending time using your creative energy and finding the joy that it brings.
The Painting of Cherries on the bat, and the picking of the cherries, or the placing of the cherries, the tiny seedling, is for the viewer to decide its meaning, it could be a play on the cherry marks left where the ball kisses the bat.
The Cherries were inspired by the beautiful red cherries seen during the Christmas season, a time of celebration and new beginnings rather like these bats are bringing and experiencing. In ancient art the Cherry symbolized something new and pure. The cherry tree, hence the bats name “Sakura”(Japanese for Cherry tree), its blooms and fruit hold a wealth of meaning in many different cultures. Universally it seems to hold value and fascination.

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