Hania Rowe

I worked in Sydney as a graphic designer before coming to Perth in 2003 with my husband, to join our married children and their families. We drove across by the Great Central Road absorbing the arid beauty of the landscape. Once in Perth, I commenced a Fine Arts degree at Curtin University. Through my earlier interest in quilting I joined the Contemporary Quilters of WA and also learnt how to produce unusual and interesting textiles to use in the construction of more adventurous quilts. After six years of sewing, dying and fusing fabrics, I went back to purely painting. Contemplating on how to rejuvenate the old bat I was given, I was drawn to look through my stash of silk-fiber fused fabrics and one piece immediately wrapped itself around the Bat. This had to be the way to go. Soon, wool, which my mother had hand spun and dyed was snaking across the surface of a silk fabric, transforming it into a dry creek bed. More stitching, in three strokes like the stumps of a wicket, of indigo dyed threads followed and then cotton embroidery threads carved patterns of spinifex and rocks across the land and water holes. Suddenly, the fabric had a new identity and a new life. And so, an embroidered silk sleeve was created like a protective cocoon for this battered bat. I feel very content with the way this design evolved, almost on its own. It has been stitched with love and will live again for years.

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