Catherine Swan

Catherine Swan moved to Wanneroo seven years ago and she loves it.
Catherine was born on a farm in the chilly north east of England where she enjoyed the freedom and creativity of the wide open spaces. At school she studied art with an uninspiring teacher who saw no potential in her young student’s artistic abilities, so she was very pleased to gain a good mark in her art exam a few years later. Work and family followed and it was not until retirement that she found the opportunity to fulfil herself in painting.
The subject matter for Catherine’s art is quite diverse; she sees a view, an animal or a photograph that she or a friend has taken and imagines it as an artwork; out come the acrylics. Catherine enters many of the art exhibitions local to Wanneroo and has a selection of her work hanging in the Two Rocks Downstairs Gallery. She is delighted that people like her work and is fortunate to have sold several paintings over the past two years.
Catherine has enjoyed the challenge of painting the bat for Willo and hopes that it will help to raise money for a most worthy cause.

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