Robert Doble

Born in England 1961, arrived in Australia, 1990
Resides and works in Melbourne, Australia

Robert Doble studied at the Chelsea School of Art in London. In 2006 he won the Ergon Energy Central Queensland Art Award and was a finalist in the 55th Blake Prize for Religious Art and the Williamstown Tattersalls Art Prize. In 2008 he was asked by Hermes to paint their infamous life-size “in-store horse” as part of the Melbourne Fashion Festival. Doble is represented in the National Gallery of Victoria with a painting from his Gravity series of 2000, as well as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Rockhampton Art Gallery, The Botanical Restaurant, and private collections in Australia, Japan, UK, USA, Italy and Spain.

Drawn to the physical and emotional process of painting, Doble’s work is gestural and layered. Most important is the mark-marking upon these dense surfaces. Intrigued by scars, tracking, wounds and the exposure of what lies beneath, Doble’s work brings forth pluralities, as a means of generating discussion amongst his viewers.

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