Peter Westwood

Peter Westwood is an artist, curator and arts writer living in Melbourne. For many years Peter’s work has concentrated on ideas about being within unsettled conditions. In this, he has worked through a long-standing interest in painting, but also video, drawing, installation and collage. And over the past two decades Peter has also focused on the complementary relationship of art making, writing and curating. In his approach to his work Peter seeks to consider the artwork as immanent to experience, and as much an ‘event’ as an object. His work has formed through ideas that reinforce of the passing nature of experience rather than as representation or imitation, or the depiction of a ‘thing’ or an affect

Peter has been included in group, and individual exhibitions in public and commercial galleries in Australia and overseas. His work is included in the permanent collections of art museums, regional galleries and corporations, and he has curated two to three annual exhibition projects for the past 20 years in Australia, and periodically overseas.

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