Mary Schepisi

Art Students League, New York Boston University

2011 Words & Pictures, Mossgreen Gallery, Melbourne
2010 It’s Up To You, Mossgreen Gallery, Melbourne
2010 Beauty Interrupted, Assin, Melbourne
2009 Guns, Birds & Words, Bowman/Bloom, 95 East 7th St., NYC NY
2009 Guns, Birds & Words, Chapman & Bailey, Melbourne, Australia
2007 Inferences…a summer diary, Bowman/Bloom, New York City
2004 The Collection, Span Galleries, Melbourne
2004 Speculations, Span Galleries, Melbourne
2002 Bodies of Evidence, Span Galleries, Melbourne
2002 Mary’s Little Gems, 69 Smith Street, Melbourne
2000 Postcard Show, Royal College of Art, London
1998 Toys for Joy, Royal Children’s Hospital
1997 George Gallery, Melbourne
1994 The Sofa Series, William Mora Gallery, Melbourne
1990 Glasnost/Perestroika, Jo Wilder Gallery, Los Angeles
1990 Glasnost/Perestroika, William Mora Gallery, Melbourne
1990 Glasnost/Perestroika, San Lorenzo, London
1988 Evil Angels, Peter Grant Fine Art, Melbourne

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