Vanessa Harrington

This work is inspired by nature and the forest. The delicate balance between flora and fauna is depicted using the symbology of the dragonfly. The flight of a dragonfly reflecting its surroundings through its transparent wings signifies new beginnings, the birth of a new day, the beginning of a new idea, project or aspect of life.

Artists Biography:

Vanessa Harrington has a passion for the natural world, her lifelong curiosity and quest for knowledge of flora and fauna influence her artistic pursuits. As an environmental educator working and living in the rainforest for over 18 years, Vanessa has developed meaningful interactions with nature. The rainforest is a constant source of inspiration. Sharing her knowledge of this special ecosystem is important in its preservation. Her body of work includes sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography, illustration, weaving and transient installations of found natural objects.

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